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Yes paradiddler, that was my first Rush concert. That video has been in bootleg circulation for almost 10 years. Like I posted earlier, Primus opened for them and the entire night was incredible.

Neil was very aggressive that night. They opened with Dreamline and the entire show just cranked forward. I was able to see his footwork and saw the foot trigger tambourine use during Nobody's Hero. When he unveiled the 3/4 waltz tribal pattern, it blew my mind. The palace was going nuts. I don't think a mass audience has ever seen that type of stuff before.

I have to say, the best solo I ever saw from him was during TFE at an ampitheatre down the road called Pine Knob (Now called Energy Povider for Neighborhood Homes Music Theatre). During the Momo dance party and then scars part, the entire crowd clapped along (all standing). When he was done, the crowd cheered for, I kid you not, 5 or so minutes. It was quite simply the greatest solo and show of homage to a long standing drum legend. Geddy and Alex came out clapping too and Geddy asked the crowd "how about that drummer guy?"

Wish that was on video.
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