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Default Re: i cant find a band

I guess its a matter of compromise. If you're not willing to compromise on belief based music, or the style of belief based music, it might be hard to find band mates.

Have you had your preacher (sorry if thats not the right term, I am not a churchy kinda guy) to make an announcement at your church? Maybe try a larger church? My girlfriend goes to a large mainstream style church (its kinda a chain store style with one pastor for many churches linked by closed circuit TV) and through the online message board (like this one) and public announcements I am sure you could hook up something.

I am not suggesting you compromise, but you have kinda pegged yourself into a small small area.

Google is your friend... Have you looked at churches in your area, or musician websites in your area? I know in my city we have a site called

Hope that helps, and keep your chin up.
You will find something sooner or later I am sure.
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