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Default Re: singing drummer makes music video shocker..

Originally Posted by wert90 View Post
wow thats looks brilliant, good to hear you had a laugh too. i could see it on mtv anyday.

what kinda kit did you use? it all looks very pro, camera? lights? editing software? im doing tv production at uni so would be intersted. cheers.

also, how did you get round syncing parts up with the song? (i know that with a bit of artistic license it doesnt always have to be!). i went to a music vid shoot once and the drummer put another set of cymbals on top of his so they wouldnt resonate, not sure what he did with the drums?? anyone? anyway, this allowed him to play at full whack whilst still being able to hear the original recording being played.

and again, nice video. im inspired.
hey...the camera was a dvx i think, can't remember - but we used prime lens - they use these in film work. - which is what makes it look a loads better than most DV cameras. the lens does all the work. we had a track, dolly and lights, mostly arris - about 7 - not enough.....

i used an avid to cut it - my friend lend me his on is lap top - runs really well.....

...yeah i did do that with the cymbals - (sticking two together), and i had 'matts' on the drums so i could play normally without the sound killing everything, it's the normal way to do it - you can hire the stuff. then we just played along to the track.

as far as syncing the track up in the edit - it's not that hard. at the start of the track i hit the ride cymbal bell, i just find that in vision and sync it to the sound on the track. easy. it's even easier if you record sound on the camera, then you can hear the playback and sync that to the track in the edit.....all tracks have an easy sync point in them..

hope that helps....
you can even do that with live bands - like this one which i was lucky enough to direct, you just need more cameras for live....

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