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Originally Posted by Anne Beeche View Post
Aha! I figured. Shame he moved away from Zildjian. His tone's not ugly, but it doesn't impress me anymore. I like that tambourine trigger, though. I want to invent an acoustic version sometime in the future. (I'm not into sampler equipment.)

Yep, I'm well aware who the blonde guy is. I have a raging celebrity crush on him. Seriously, if I were his age I'd hit that.

Oh, and supposedly Neil doesn't like publicity. Maybe that's why he's never made many pop culture appearances.
The tambourine can be attached to a floor bracket that is played by a BD pedal. LP makes one Gajate Bracket I think. I have one and use it for that very reason (I play the tribal waltz part in my solo too). 35 bucks or so.

The RRHOF is getting slammed pretty hard here. I will say that Rush should be in there. But I have been there a couple of times. The section with Jimi Hendrix's childhood artwork and lyrics is mind blowing. The mini theatre also played never-before-seen footage of Jimi in concert. It was so incredibly powerful. I could only imagine what that was like in the first five rows in concert.

The section that had memorabilia from blues greats choked me up a bit. This is where it all started. These poor men had only their clothes on their backs, a guitar, an amp and a single suit case. They travelled town to town looking to play. The RRHOF may be far from perfect, but then again, when being judged by people that belong to a discussion forum, what is?
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