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Originally Posted by sel498 View Post
Sorry for delay, yes it was the nuts bolts package., and i no longer use that mount, it was puttingto much weight on the two bolts of one lug, now i use and reccomend this to everyone....
First off this thing is awesome, this cuts 15 minutes off my setup time. Its called the kelly Shu and you can learn more at , it comes in two types and aluminum and a composite version I opted for the composite version For on $51 + 10.00 S+H= 62.00US. The pictures really explain it all. it took about 10 minutes to install, and was very easy. It is a interior shock mounted microphone mount. Before i had rigged one that was just mounted on one lug and i was worried about the stress is was causing, trust me i didnot want to see my DW kick crack, so i purchased THe Shu and it spreads the wait evenly around the drum to many lug screws. It is easy to adjust and works with any mic, i am seriously considering getting 3 more to put in my toms, the only drums it does not work with is Peavey radials...
i attached an image of my earlier attempt at a interior mount. Also i dint have to drill any hole for the mic cable i just removed the XLR end and ran it through the existing vent hole and re sodered and i am ready to go. So check out the pics and check there website, this is a great produst and i give it an A++++++
here is a link showing how it is installed and the many different setups....
old ...
Very nice work. You might want to look at putting a female tip-ring-sleeve connector in the air hole vent and wiring the interior mic cable up to that. Then put a male TRS connector on the other end of the power cable. Then, all you'd have to do is "plug in" your bass drum and you'd never have a mic cable dangling out of it. I wired one up and the mod is on this thread somewhere.
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