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Default Re: singing drummer makes music video shocker..

Originally Posted by wert90 View Post
wow thats looks brilliant, good to hear you had a laugh too. i could see it on mtv anyday.

what kinda kit did you use? it all looks very pro, camera? lights? editing software? im doing tv production at uni so would be intersted. cheers.

also, how did you get round syncing parts up with the song? (i know that with a bit of artistic license it doesnt always have to be!). i went to a music vid shoot once and the drummer put another set of cymbals on top of his so they wouldnt resonate, not sure what he did with the drums?? anyone? anyway, this allowed him to play at full whack whilst still being able to hear the original recording being played.

and again, nice video. im inspired.
Called "playback" in the industry, can be done a couple ways. Most efficient is to create a video running time code - using Pro Tools you link the song with the time code video, you allow for pre-roll on the time code video file and shoot the video of the running time code before the song starts (or before the part of the song starts that you are filming). Pro shoots will actually use a special display (can't remember the name if it), who's input is the time code from Pro Tools, one can also simply shoot a laptop screen as well. What this allows an editor to do, is sync every shot up to this same reference time code, then it's a matter of selecting which shot to use where. You don't have to follow this, you can put in shots from different parts of the song, but where you need sync, you'd use this. I should mention that the audio will be played on set, I've had it run through a PA (hence trying to make the drums quieter, so you can hear the PA), or I've had in-ear monitors so I can keep sync and the rest of the band follows me.

It can be done without the time code as well, but it means that the editor will have to manually sync each shot - easy if you are a member of the band, easier yet if you are the drummer. That's often why you see drummers seemingly out of sync with the music, a lot of editor's don't know enough about what drums make what sounds and they simply try to do their best. Besides, most non-drummers / musicians wouldn't really notice. I've done video's before where we didn't use time code, I simply had a small headphone in one ear hidden from the angle of the camera, more work for the editor, but gets the job done.

As for the other question about what to do with the drums themselves, I've either made sure I can hear the music loud enough that I can hit things with conviction, or "faked" hits, by hitting rims. I'm sure some would use whatever muffling technique available to try and dampen sound. You also see a lot of tape on cymbals in vids sometimes, trying to get them quieter.

Wert, I work in Post Production for film and television, feel free to ask me any questions.
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