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Default Re: Going to Kiss Tomorrow!!!!!

Originally Posted by T.Underhill View Post
Enjoy the show!! Saw them last year and had a great time. Be VERY VERY thankful that Eric Singer is in the throne.
I can understand and agree with your last comment but they should knock it off with the makeup. It's old and worn out. I have been a fan "until recently" from the start but KISS have become a KISS tribute band. Nothing new.. same songs, same gimmicks, same costumes and yet still 2 guys wearing Ace and Peter's makeup. It's too bad Gene and his greed have ruined the band. If they wanted to continue after Ace and Peter left, they should have dropped the makeup where it belongs and that is in the past with the original members. IMO, KISS has been tarnished forever which makes me bumbed. I grew up on this stuff. I saw the Reunion show. I saw the Pyscho Circus Tour, The Farewell Tour (3 times) and The Rock The Nation Tour (twice) That was it for me after that tour and all the mudslinging started with Gene. "New" KISS fans don't understand any of this.It's quite personal for a die hard fan. I know I'm not the only one who feels this way. There are still some today that think Tommy and Eric are actually Ace and Peter! I personally don't support today's KISS but I still listen to the "old stuff" from time to time. I have the whole collection and tons of rareities and bootlegs. I'm sure it will be a good show despite my opinoins. Have a good time.

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