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Default Custom studio desk and new setup

Built myself a desk to hold my recording computer, and so I could rack mount my presonus firestudio. Also got to upgrade the recording computer due to hardware problems on my main machine. The result is that I can now do all my recording, volume adjustments and editing without leaving my drum throne, and I have a much better computer for recording. The old computer could only handle 5 tracks at a time, the new one should have no problems recording on all inputs, and likely recording video at the same time.
The computer is now an Intel Core2Duo 2.6 Ghz 6750, 2GBs of RAM, 500gb HDD on an evga 730i mobo, using the onboard audio and video. My drum kit is still the 5 pc Mapex Q series, but I've swapped out my ZBT hats with Z customs. Still a ZBT crash and crashride, and my A custom splash. Pinstripe remo heads on the toms, stock heads on the rest.

First pic here is the overall kit. New rug as well. Yes, my overhead mics are hanging by string... Can't afford proper mic stands yet.

This is a behind the scenes one showing how I've got the cables laid out. Also just showing off my carpentry. :)

Built a stand for my kick mic as well, not adjustable, but it lines up with the bass port just fine.

Overhead shot showing layout and spacing.

I've only had the desk in position for a day now, and I haven't had the kit setup like this for very long, it was a spaced out a little more before. So far I'm liking it a lot, especially happy with how well the desk turned out.

As for actual recording, I'm still having problems with playback, so I'm going to have to contact presonus about this. Sound is all clipped and distorted, sounds horrible.
Mapex Q Series
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