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Default Re: Show Off Your Tama.....SNARE DRUMS!!!

Originally Posted by Philippe View Post
thanks a lot!!! and they're being played all the time, these two (pics were made after I tuned them!). on our new CD it's only Monarch and Gladiator.

I switched from Remo Amba coated to Aquarian Texture coated half a year ago and have never regreted it for a second!

next is The Pageant, but I'm out of money right now...
Philippe: Is the Simon Monarch bronze loud? How would you describe its sound?? It is sensitive, crisp, or better for loud playing?

All: Are the current Artwood Custom maple snares (7 ply maple) worth the purchase? I'm looking for a good 4x14 maple snare, and the Artwood comes in that size. I snagged a 4x14 SC maple snare off ebay, but the seller burned me: tension rods rusting and the bottom bearing edge has a small dent. The SC 4x14 is also an 8 lug snare for some reason; the Artwood is 10 lug.

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