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Default Re: car totaled... what should i get next?

well, sorry about the wreck man. glad to hear that you're ok.

if you want to stick with the german thing, you can pick up and early 2000s BMW 3 or 5 series for pretty cheap that has all the luxury you could want but still has the get up and go when you want it.

if you want to go with some american muscle, late 90s early 2000s camaros, firebirds, mustangs, go pretty cheap as well.

if gas mileage is a concern, i'd say grab a honda accord, v6 model around 2003. they are going to cost you more but great gas mileage, very "luxurious" interior depending on what trim level you get, and the v6 models will sraight get it (if ya know what i mean). I personally own an 03 Accord EX rockin the 4 banger. It's not the quickest (little heavy for a 4 cylinder), but with the exception of routine maintenance i have not once had to take it into the shop to fix anything, and i've put about 120k miles on it.(it hauls my entire drum set, with my sound system in the back with no issues) my cousin has an 01 2dr civic that can have the exact same said about it as my accord, cept that it's much lighter with a better 4 banger in it, so it's VERY quick. and of course the gas mileage is awesome. not as much room for drums, but still solid.

if 4wd is your taste, the subaru outback is a very solid option as you've already noted. Lancers are also top of the line, but going to cost you quite a bit regardless of the year.

hope it helps, i'm not really a gear head so this is about all of the personal experience advice i can give you lol. for the most part i think they all meet your requirements, but hey it's up to you (i would say to go with the accord =D)
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