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Default Akira Jimbo

I did a search for this guy and didn't see any posts about him so i figured i would start one. I had heard alot about him for years but never actually sat down and watched him until today. Simply wow. First off, i've never seen a music box so that amazed me off the bat. Then to watch him play his drums with such a full sound basically with one hand and his feet since the other hand is making the "music". The work he does on his high-foot is amazing and shows a great amount of foot discipline on his part. If you have never checked out Akira, I would highly encourage it. You won't regret it no matter what musical style you are privy too. Specifically his video from his first modern drummer convention back in the early 2000s (i want to say 2001, but am not sure), then the video that he plays both the james bond theme and the mission impossible theme. bother of them are on youtube and should pop up right when you search for his name. Enjoy!
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