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Default car totaled... what should i get next?

ok, so i own a 2000 volkswagen gti.
last monday, some girl pulled out of a parallel parking spot into traffic, into me.
it looked like it was only a small "fender bender" but it bent the frame, and hurt the suspension under the passenger side front wheel. the damage is estimated at over $4200!!!
the lady at the collision center said that if anything else is wrong (very likely) that the girl's insurance company will probably total it...

i both love and hate my v-dub.

i like how it is small, quick, and tight, and that being so small, i can still haul ALL of my drums and a little more.
i also like that it is a car and i decent on mileage... so, much fun to drive, even though its an automatic.

i hate that it is lowered... in alabama of all places (bad tax plans, bad roads...)
i hate how much money i have spent fixing this car. older german cars are hell.
having a turbo, i wish it were a stick.

my criteria are as follows:

kinda low miles
good mpg
fun, tight drive
good drive on imperfect roads
cargo space, cargo space, cargo space...
id also rather have a reliable, no fuss 1997 car, than a nicer, hard to own 02.

what do yall think?
im really liking the subaru outback. anyone have one?
any other suggestions?
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