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Default Re: Pearl Session Studio kit

time to drop another update in here to keep the excitement coming (probably for just myself but w/e).

I just bought the 4 splashes and claw mounts. WEWTS! somehow in the middle of all this i forgot to buy the Mastersound hats and the Sizzle Ride. But have picked up an extra China, 2 extra crashes, and a Stewart Copeland Blue ride as what is going to be my 3rd ride. I've realized that i'll probably never have all of my cymbals on the set at the same time so i'll have to play around with them. In good news pics wise, i had everything sent to my mothers house. My cousin (who has my drumset currently) came and picked up everything I bought so far so he could go set it up for me. and i have demanded pictures immediately, i'll post them soon as he hooks me up.

on another note, i've been thinking about my next set. It's probably going to be decked with Meinl cymbals. But I've ruled out the Gretsch Catalina Club Mods I was looking at due to several poor reviews I have found about them. Right now the debate is between going all out on a small DW kit (oxymoron i know lol), or pickin up a Ddrum Punkx 5 piece.

Till next time!
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