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Originally Posted by Avendesoran View Post
wow leave Mr. Waterson alone

He wants to be more creative musically. He passed the challenges of WFD; it's an amazing accomplishment for anyone. Yes he's recognized because of it but now he's stepping up to the plate to meet new challenges so that WFD isn't the only thing he will be remembered for.

Tim Waterson will be remembered as the guy who can not only do ridiculously fast double bass work but who can use the skills learned as a tool to express himself musically on the kit. Not only that he's dedicated a lot of his life to sharing and passing on his knowledge with the rest of the drumming world.
Thanks for ending that WFD topic and realizing Im NOT a one trick pony..Speed is just a means to an end its just a tool.
Just so DRUMMERS know I started the whole fastest feet in 2000 to PROMOTE a drum association I started in edmonton.
Music drums and drumming are my life and I always wanted to be a drummer who could play on anything and make it work.
I like to be able to take a snare, bassdrum,with a single pedal and and hi hat and make it work by just playing drums
God Bless
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