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Lars to me, does the job for metallica. he definetly can not be considered one of the best drummers around these day's, but aslong as he can drum for metallica im happy. listning to many of there bootlegs, you'l hear that he's getting quite lazy, such as not playing the proper begining to there song motorbreath, and sometimes not playing the double bass for dyers eve. i'd say he hit top notch during there ...and justice for all album, he definetly proved himself to be more then just your everyday thrash drummer. i give him credit for starting my favorite band, and also for keeping the energy in metallica. his drumming may be somewhat simple when comparing to other drummers, but his facial expressions will always be the best lol. I hope he can kick it back up on the their next album, to prove himself worthy of being a really good drummer. im a great fan through all of there albums, including the load era, st-anger, and S&M, and i hope it continues to be like that for there next album.
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