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Default Re: Show us your Four Piece Kits.

this is my kit.
snare: 14x6.5 c&c custom 9 ply maple tube lugs with trick throw off genera hd top evans 300 bottom
kick: 24x14" ludwig 1973 evans emad 3 batter with remo fyberskin resonant
tom: 10x12" ludwig 1973 3ply maple w/rings evans g1 batter g1 resonant
floor tom: 16x16 ludwig 1973 3ply maple w/rings evans g1 batter g1 resonant

hi-hats - 14" zildjian quick beat
crash - 18" A custom
ride - 20" K dark custom or 20" A custom depending on the venue.

promark jason bonham sticks and hot rods.

I love the sound of these drums. I've had them for about 7 years now but I really need to get a second set because they are taking some abuse out on the road and in the trailer.

also the bass drum is VIRGIN! the drumset came with two toms the 12 and the 13 but I can't get the sound out of the 13" like I can with the 12" for some reason. Originally the toms were both on the left of the bass drum on a double atlas stand. I also have the matching snare in 14" x 5.5 but it has the marching strainer on it and I can't find the snares for it and the old ones sound really bad.
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