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Originally Posted by kwolf68 View Post
I concur wholeheartedly with this statement.

In short, it is my belief that the Who are the only band in rock history where each member was simply not replaceable, from the standpoint of style and substance and the moment Keith died that was it. Other bands the drummer could leave and no one would really notice or care (other than fans of said player/band, who just like that guy because he's 'in' that band). The only band that comes close to the 'no member is replaceable' smell test to the Who are Led Zeppelin.
I even think Zeppelin would be replaceable. One could replace Bonzo with Cozy Powell or Alan White, and it would sound basically the same, but no one in their right mind could sound like Moon. His "technique," if one could call it that, simply cannot be taught (believe me, I tried to learn). It goes against the grain of just about every standard drum principle in the book. Kenny Jones is a FAR better technical drummer than Moon, but after Moonie died, that unmistakable sound that gave the Who its electricity died with him (Zak Starkey was the closest one to replicate it, but no one really can).

I had a kid at Guitar Center (who probably wasn't even BORN when Moonie died) tell me that Moon was a technically gifted drummer. I had to laugh. Keith never took a lesson in his life, and learned his trade the old fashioned way by listening to records and playing along. In addition, I simply could not fathom seeing him do what Bill Bruford did EVERY day. That is, break out the practice pad in his hotel room or at home and work on the 26 rudiments for 1-2 hours at a clip - SOBER. Moon couldn't play 6/8 time, according to Pete Townshend, yet his sheer instinct and personal volatility made him a true legend. We will never see the likes of him again.

An apt definition of genius is when someone breaks ALL the conventional rules and STILL makes it work. Moon clearly qualified.
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