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I don't want this to turn into a CP thread, there is one already but I will say I discovered Palmer's work before Pearts by a few years.

I was always impressed by the speed, power and precision he had. Not to mention the sound of his snare and drum kit. His kit was used for more than just thudding on. He had to influence Peart in many ways.

"Ani music" included a classical bit as an homage to Palmer, it's the creator's favorite band and drummer. He wanted to consciously avoid mimicking Palmer in the piece. He explains it in the dvd commentary.

Finally, I thought Carl was tasteful and I enjoyed his work with ASIA.

I am saying all of this because he did all of it long before the internet, and I can see for those that grew up with him that there is a tendency to go overboard with praising Peart and say "Carl who?" Knowing Palmer's contributions adds a historical perspective to "reign in" the modern perspective.
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