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Originally Posted by michael drums View Post
Vinnie Colaiuta comes to mind.

Dennis Chambers is a thought.

Two guys that are somewhat similar to his style.

You asked. I answered. ;-)

But, don't think I don't like JoJo for 1 milli-second. He is absolutely awesome. No doubt! And one of my top 5 living right now.

I've got nothing but an incredible amount of respect for Colaiuta and Chambers...and Rich, Weckl, Williams, etc etc etc and while I wouldn't say I'm a scholar on the best drummers, Jojo is truly a wonderkind. Colaiuta has massive chops and technique but I can't say that he makes me want to move in the groove like Jojo's playing does. Chambers has that swagger, groove plus fantastic chops but doesn't seem to be as truly versatile with the same level of dexterity and nimbleness that Jojo has in my opinion. Marco Minneman is a drummer that I think is pushing the envelope too but still Jojo is monstrously versatile with his incredible chops. He finds the groove and is tasteful even when he's throwing down some insane polyrhythmic 4 limbed hydra beat. The only thing I haven't seen Mayer do is pure metal. I have no doubt he can do it but I've never heard him try.
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