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Originally Posted by lewisn27 View Post
Have you ever played an Xbox live or PS3 network game? That is a serious thrill, playing (in most cases killing) "real" people from around the world. It really gets your heart rate going sometimes, when you pull off a massive kill streak. Do old games have this? I don't think so, you can have a few players at once, but not the thousands upon thousands of people that play Xbox live and PS3 network. There is yet another reason why modern games are better.
I think it's quite funny how people bitch on about the XBOX live and PS3 live as if it's the most amazing new thing ever when PC gamers have been doing it for years. In fact everyone on the consoles was taken in by the mulitplayer version of GTA IV when in actual fact PC gamers have actually made their own online multiplayer versions of previous GTA games since i think the first one.
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