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Graphics to me are irrelevant. It's all about gameplay. Gameplay is the way forward - not flashy graphics.

And open storylines are nothing new either, 'Elite' had this feature and it was released in 1984 (or earlier) I know this, I have it on the BBC Micro (I also have a BBC Micro). I was an avid PC gamer for years - FPS mainly (and Jedi Knight II) so I know and appreciate online gaming, and yeah, I'll agree - that extends the life of many games to the point where you're playing it for years. StarCraft had this feature in 1998 and is STILL played. Same goes for CounterStrike and that is THE game for many online PC gamers. So the online feature is nothing new, it's just near-enough ubiquitous now.

What I've effectively just said is the same as what I said earlier. These concepts are nothing new, all that's changed is the hardware. The inventiveness hasn't gotten any further and the ideas are old. Open-ended play? The early 80's, expanded with Arena in 1993 (IIRC). Online? Old concept, just more common now. Graphics? To me, utterly irrelevant. So really - new games aren't any 'better' - they're still re-treading old ground with more flash. Nothing for me there I'm afraid.

Play Braid. It's awesome.
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