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Originally Posted by trkdrmr View Post
It was an ironic statement.
Yep... the R&R hall of fame has made itself an in-joke. Rush should have been in there 10 years ago. With the album and concert sales they have as well as following, there is absolutely no excuse besides someone inside the organization has issues.

Neil Peart not in the R&R hall of fame is like not putting Wayne Gretzky in the hockey hall of fame because someone doesn't like it that he left the oilers. The reason Rush isn't in the R&R hall of fame has to do with internal poltics, nothing else supports an omission.
The rock n roll hall of fame is a joke.

The museum is $20 to get in, but they don't have much more than the average Hard Rock café.

Selections make little sense, with so many rock bands left out, yet Madonna gets in. *shakeshead*
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