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Originally Posted by lewisn27 View Post
Well if "old school" gamers think that todays games are easy, they need to wake up. Just because pacman was a hard game it doesn't make other games bad, because thats what you making them out to be. I know, I've played half life, I've played several old school games and I have to say that they don't hold a candle to any of the modern games. Yes, games like final fantasy (the first few anyways) are excellent but they don't even come close to Halo 3, Gears 1 and 2, GTA IV, oblivion, dead rising ect.
That's just your opinion though. In actual fact i think to even compare the playability between old and new games is just silly because they're just so different. It's like saying "Chalk SUCKS compared to cheese!" I think new games are great, i love being able to roam around 3d open environments with stunning visual detail and complex storylines. However there is something really just plain fun about playing an old game such as Worms, GTA II and Super Mario.

And yes i agree with MFB that new games have been dumbed down for more mass market appeal. Just look at the facts here, in the early days of computing, hardly anyone could afford a computer (a basic one would have set you back nearly 1000 back in te '80s) and those who could would probably be rich businessmen who used their computer for business. Then fast forward to the very last years of the 80s and computers came to a point where younger people could afford them and wanted to use them for games. So people made games for them. However, gaming spec pcs were still expensive and few people could afford them. Basically, if you wanted to play a game on the PC, you had to be serious about playing games. Now with the advent of cheap console gaming anyone can afford one which means that the game developers want to make games that anyone with a console might want to buy. That means making it a lot easier to play. It's a simple fact. The graphics also suck on consoles, too. You wouldn't believe how much better a game such as GTA or CoD looks on a PC compared to the console version. The graphical capabilites of a good PC are just so much better.
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