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Hi trk.

Yes, Blender blundered big time by criticizing Neil's lyrical ability. That showed their ignorance (or the writer of that article, or the editor, or both). Too bad for the jobs, yes.

Just also wanted to mention that I'll be very shortly posting number three on the countdown towards Neil's best solo. Stay tuned!

And just to throw out there one of my favorite songs lyrically by Mr. Peart, it would have to be "The Camera Eye":

Pavements may teem
With intense energy,
But the city is calm
In this violent sea

...and I love how Geddy sings the last two lines--

I won't miss Blender.
I just got up after 12 hours in a sleep-debt coma. I cannot ATM recall the rush lyrics referring to (paraphrasing because I can't even get this part right):

"The weight of darkness pushing down on me"

Describing a motorcycle ride.
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