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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!


The paradidledidle or "Gary Chaffee 6B sticking" is indeed on my DVD. It appears in the pad section and then in the kit applications section. I think you'll find your answer by watching it. All the notes are at the same note rate---there's no slowing down anywhere. The main accents are on:
1, the A of 1, the & of 2,(for the right hand) 3, the A of 3, the & of 4 (for the left hand.) Make sense? Or really, the accents follow the bass drum rhythm of a Brazilian Biao. Try to find that part on the DVD and I'm sure it will be made clear. I know I used the para and a half example in the MD Fest DVD.


Got it! It seems I've discovered an unconventional way of playing it... haha. I don't know why I missed it on the dvd, especially after watching the two sections several times. DOH! Thanks for the clairification. I'm sure to need more. :(
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