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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!

2bsticks and Basswood--

Thanks to you both. I'm flattered you guys are enjoying the DVD!


MD Polls results issue ships the first week of May, FYI.


Thanks for the compliment on my segment from the MD Fest. To answer your questions, I really enjoyed everybody because every performer brought something different to the table. I think it was a very cool roster that covered a wide spectrum of drumming. I was honored to be there and I can't remember being that nervous or edgy in many, many years. High pressure indeed!


The paradidledidle or "Gary Chaffee 6B sticking" is indeed on my DVD. It appears in the pad section and then in the kit applications section. I think you'll find your answer by watching it. All the notes are at the same note rate---there's no slowing down anywhere. The main accents are on:
1, the A of 1, the & of 2,(for the right hand) 3, the A of 3, the & of 4 (for the left hand.) Make sense? Or really, the accents follow the bass drum rhythm of a Brazilian Biao. Try to find that part on the DVD and I'm sure it will be made clear. I know I used the para and a half example in the MD Fest DVD.

Thanks for your question and good luck!

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