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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!

Todd, I have a question regarding the proper way of playing the paradiddlediddle and a half. I don't recall it being played on the DVD. BTW, what a great exercise to really smarten' up the left hand. I hope this makes sense to you. The query is with regards to the timeing. I play it a couple of ways... one is along with the metronome, which has me slowing the 'half' (paradiddle) to the appropriate 4/4 tempo as compared to the paradiddlediddle. The other way is to leave the metronome off and play the half at the same speed/delivery as the paradiddlediddle. I've discovered that the metronome can be used in this manner if I imply a quarter note rest after each paradiddle. This make sense? Now, which is the right way? I think you'll advise with the metronome without the quarter note rest, thus the paradiddle slips into the 4/4 count. Right????

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