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Default Are running and drumming connected?

I just had my first track meet yesterday and i run the 1600meter and 3200 races. While i was running i realized that i was taking one breath in while taking two breaths out during my 1600meter race. This formed a little rythem in my head between my feet and my hands.

When i realized this i didn't think about breathing for my 3200 meter race and my lap times were consiterably slower. This wasn't cuz i was tired because when i fell back into the rythem my lap times were faster.

Do any of you think that they are related and help build on eachother. Stamina from running and rythems from drumming. They cross eachother and help eachoter out. Can we think of any other examples where a non musical activity either bennifits your drum playing or bennifits the activity?
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