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What an awesome metal drummer! I remember i saw Scott way back in like '90 i think at a drum clinic in Tampa by Thoroughbred Music (now armidillo enterprises, the parent of Dean guitars, ddrum, nord/clavia). I don't remember the exact lineup of drummers but i think it was dennis chambers, Steve Gadd, Russ McKinnon, Liberty Devito, Dom Famularo and scott. Scott came out all laid back and chill and just busted out with, "yeah i got invited to come here for you guys today and saw they had Dom Famularo, Steve Gadd and Dennis Chambers on the ticket and i was thinking, what do they need me for? Drum tech or something?". He had the whole crowd laughing before he took the stage and tore it up. It was interesting to see that he was humbled to share the stage with such drumming icons even though in his own right, in his own circles he's such a revered artist and performer.
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