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Default Re: Do you like Avril Lavigne?

Originally Posted by Chollyred View Post
No! To me she sounds like a 14 year old little girl. Through my granddaughter, I've heard a lot (A LOT) of her music. She's what, 25 years old? Sorry, I just don't get the appeal. To me, Taylor Swift is much more talented and only 18-19 years old.
Me and my sister saw that song and we actually knew exactly what chords were coming up from the first note. It's just so predictable and formulaec it's unbelievable. And so what if she's 19? Some people have written unbelievebly good songs when they were only 14 or 15, it's just that this bird has got famous a bit more quickly because her songs fit the formula of a RFUS down to a T.
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