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Scott Travis is my favourite drummer of all time. I first heard him on Painkiller but i soon got into Racer X and his drumming is definately different and more creative than a lot of the 80's metal drumming. Phallic Tractor stands out to me as a drum masterpiece. The fill at the beginning is unreal and took me ages to figure out and now i realise he alternates between 4 with hands, 2 with feet to: 2 with hands and 4 with feet. I wish he had a page on here.

I found a fantastic solo by him when he was with Racer X ( you can download it from this link (This is through the Racer X website) scroll to live extreme volume 1, It's a fantastic solo, very creative and the double bass and snare work is just unbelievable.

Tracks to really check out, Phallic Tractor, Scarified, (Racer X) Painkiller, One Shot at Glory, Jugulator, Bullet Train, Blood Stained, Abductors, Machine Man, Judas is Rising, Deal with the Devil (Judas Priest) Into the Pit, Acid Test, Now you Die (Fight) There are more but there are some great grooves and creative fills in these songs. His style dramatically changed my double bass playing and my drumming in general, i also learnt some stage presence moves from him too.

Thanks for starting a thread on him i've been trying to get a page on Scott for years.
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