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Default Re: Farthest commute to band practice

Originally Posted by diosdude View Post
Just curious if there are any gung-ho drummers like me out there who commute very far to band practice. I live in a daggum swamp called Clewiston on the southern shores of Lake Okeechobee in Florida.
I feel your pain Diosdude. I live in Stuart and often drive to Boca Raton to jam (70 miles each way). You are definetly more remote in Clewiston and I feel fortunate that we have a fairly decent music scene here on the Treasure Coast.

The guys I play with in Boca have a Hammond B3 and dig all the same styles that I do so I'm pretty gung-ho about going. It is a long haul though. I've played with these guys dozens of times and everytime I go down there, they comment on how far I drove, which I guess means they're reminding me that they're not gonna come my way anytime soon.

To me it's worth it because I have to play. I will go crazy if I can't play.

There are scores of metal heads in West Palm and it is closer than going all the way down to Pompano. Have you posted anything on the board at GC in West Palm? A lot of people network through there and you might be able to find people to play with that are closer.

BTW, how did you end up in Clewiston? You must either work at a prison or on a farm. Just kidding!
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