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Originally Posted by OfManNWolf
Yeah, I read that about Larry years ago. I wonder how much 17 pounds are in USD currency. Are you in a band, Rendezvous_Drummer? If so, what type of band?, and what is the name? I read below that you paid $300.00 for the shells of your kit, what model is it? Sorry for all the questions, ha ha.
Hey OfManNWolf, yeah im in a hard rock/pop band called Rendezvous. I hate this NAME!!! My kit is a Yamaha DP which is about 10 years old but still sounds awesome. I saw a pair of Larry's sticks today and it is very wierd. It's curved at just about the mid point of the stick. I know he's endorsed by Pro Mark, Yamaha kits and hardware and Paiste Cymbals, but im not to sure about heads. More likely remo since thats what he is playing the vertigo tour with.
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