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The mention of Jdilla/Madlib makes me wanna jump across the atlantic and give you a hug! haha no but seriously, My biggest influences as far as producers are Dilla and Madlib(the firs track showtime was JDilla). Im really glad you all enjoyed the stuff and I will be postin more here soon.

I just got a gig to make 2 beats for $100 and some other green goodies from a friend. so Im pretty excited I'm actually going to start makin some cash from this too.

Since I got my ludwigs ive been needin a throne, hi-hat stand and kick pedal and a cymbal stand or 2, basically all hardware lol thats really the only thing thats kept me away from my babies. Ive been just too poor w/ this economy but hopefully here soon I will be makin some purchases. At least a piece at a time, I need to get bak on my set and start mixing my jazz/hip hop stuff together.
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