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Default Re: Skiers and Safety

Originally Posted by KLittle123 View Post
That whole "thought she was fine"-thing is freaking me out. I was doing my biking the other day and I did an epic drop and instead I landed on my shoulder and slammed my head into the ground. Well, it kinda bounced off really quick. Hurt like crazy. I felt all weird afterwards. I feel better now though! Haven't really checked it out. Don't have something called health insurance.

Well, Natasha Richardson died from a massive hematoma that was very diffuse. She should have at least gone to the ER to get checked for a concussion and they would would have had more than ample time to discover the internal bleeding and save her life. Sad thing is that the EMT's were turned away from seeing her when they were right there.

One of my best friends almost died when she was 18 as a result of a skiing accident. She was in a coma for a month and had to undergo massive reconstructive plastic surgery on her face. I highly recommend helmets for skiers.
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