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Default Re: Not that anyone would care...

Originally Posted by TTNW View Post
Ouch. Dios you are right on the former, but regardless of the machine you gotta at least give them their due for putting themselves out there. They are artists; just not what you dig as "artistic". Watch the little one slam on is kit in the SNL appearance (second song) and you'll see what I mean. They're a little lame but they can play.

I didn't say they couldn't play. Troll through any high school with 5000 kids and you'll find a couple dozen that are just as proficient playing as those kids. When i was 11 years old i was playing Bonham, Ian Paice, Phil Collins, Keith Moon, etc. No child drummer impresses me short of 8 year old Jakob Armen or 12 year old Tony Roysters Jr.

Here's DW member febby, 18 year old girl. She blows this Jonas away:

Jonas Brothers CD will be in the "where are they now?" five dollar bin at walmart in 5 years.
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