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Default Re: Scott Travis

I do love Scott Travis's playing.

I had the Racer X albums, and I wore out my tape of "Painkiller". Thankfully, I have it on CD now.

I saw him with Priest a few years ago, incredible show. I also saw him in a rare Racer X live show in January.

If you don't have it, everyone should pick the the last live Judas Priest DVD.

Side note: When I saw him in January, he was playing a DW kit, not his Tama. It didn't seem to be a rental kit.

I found this on wiki:
Scott has always used Tama Drums, until 2008. On the first leg of the Judas Priest "Nostradamus Tour" he played a Pearl kit and then switched to a DW kit for the second leg. He was also seen using a DW kit at the NAMM show with his band Racer X.
But he's not listed on the DW site as an endorser.
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