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Default Re: Not that anyone would care...

Originally Posted by JarodMaybern View Post
i'm not a big fan of the jonas brothers...not at all actually but i'm not bashing on you or your music at all when i say this. it's just my honest opinion.

but i think they have become nothing but machines, they've become disney power houses and the media is loving all of their christian goody-good ways. that i have no problem with being christian myself...i just don't like how they completely disney'd out all the beatles the ones in the target commericals, and don't rightly deserve being called the next beatles when they lack the musical side of the fabulous 4 but have almost mastered the marketing side of the industry...the way i see it all in a whole is this bottom line:

They're better at marketing themselves than playing their instruments, and are giving more credit then what they deserve(in the music view of things).
I respect your opinion about them, and I agree that they're not as good as the Beatles. I also appreciate their Christian views as I am a Christian as well.

Their mom, Denise, said in an interview that their record label is very controlling of their music even though they would love to play different music in addition to the pop/rock music they play.

However, they were not the ones who re-made the Beatles songs. I don't know who it was, but it was someone else.

Anyway, I respect your opinion.
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