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Default Re: Albums I absolutely must own

-Any Fela Kuti album, particularly his live albums, aaaaand ummm,
-Herbie Hancock's Head Hunter,
-Kanye West's Graduation(his new one 808's and Heartbreaks is good, but slightly depressing),
-Once Nothing's "First Came the Law",
-Parliament Funkadelic's discography(never too much),
-Zion I -- "Mind over Matter"
-The Meter's Look-Ka Py Py
-Kind of Blue by Miles Davis
-A Love Supreme by John Coltrane
-OH! aaaaaand definitly Sidewinder by Lee Morgan.

All the other's are good too, but truthfully you don't have to own the albums, you can hear a majority of them on the radio

I'll list more later if I think deep about the question.
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