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Default Re: Where do you Rehearse and Why

Originally Posted by MadMax View Post
I agree, but our bass player doesn't want to use gas, but it's ok for the rest of us to use gas to drive to his house, and he doesn't like the idea of paying to rehearse.
We can only rehearse on weeknights at his place because his weekends are tide up with working with his dj business and another band on Sundays.
We came up with a plan to pay for the room between the two guitarist and myself for the first month, and then work on him and our female vocalist before the next payment is due.
Having the convenience to rehearse whenever you want or to practice by yourself is worth the money.

What? Maybe it's the way you word it, but your bassist sounds irrational. $30 is not going to impact his wallet even if gas is a concern. It sounds stupid.
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