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Default should i join this band??

so the story is, that i met some guys who needed a drummer over gumtree (kinda like craiglist) so i met up with em, and i had a jam with them today. They only wanna play originals and they're music is similar to radiohead and that. So all that is great, because i wanna play originals and i listen to similar music.

Problem is...if its a problem, is that they all have no future plan apart from making it big through the band. There's nothing wrong with that, it's just I have plans of having a career, and i just started uni and that. Obviously I'd love it if the band made it big and I didn't have to have a 'normal' 9-5 job. But it seems that my goals are a bit different from theirs. They all smoke and I don't know about drugs, but if that is the case, I dont really wanna be in that sort of should I just ignore all these things and be a part of this band, or tell em that i don't??

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