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Originally Posted by michael drums View Post
Hey Omar!

Just wanted to kindly disagree with your assessment of NP's Exit...Stage Left solo. I, for one, rank this one the best solos of his ever recorded. As a matter of fact, I rate it as ONE of the best progressive rock drum solos ever!

But you aren't gonna be surprised that I think that...I know. But that's how I feel about this solo of his. No way it's fourth. Absolutely not! Sorry, buddy. ;-)

But again, Thank You for posting these solo articles. It's nice to know that there IS another devoted, die-hard Professor fan out there that takes the time to post some very interesting reads...WITHOUT shooting the man down for this and that ridiculous reason.

Keep Up the good work! ;-)
Hi Michael.

You make some excellent points. I, like many, have an affinity to this solo, and I was in a quandary as to how I was going to rank this one. This solo definitely made a statement, and many became Rush fans during this time, so I fully expected a little (or a lot!) of disagreement on this one.

But I'll stick to my guns! I gotta compare each solo to each other, within the context of their time, and determine which solo fit the bill the most for the time period it appeared in, technical aspects, etc. Mind you, I'm having a blast doing this! What's not to like about being immersed in Neil Peart's solos?

Anyway, thanks very much for reading. I'm thinking of writing an epilogue-type article at the end, and maybe I'll explain in detail how I came up with this crazy concept. More to come, of course!
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