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OK, so I've gotten 4 books in the past month and I shall do a quick review of them for your viewing pleasure. I should add that my favorite part about every single one of these books is that they can be used for beginners to advanced drummers.

Reed's Syncopation. Really do I need to review this? You all have it and it has 1001 uses. I haven't got around to working out of it that much yet, but it can be used to work on absolutely any aspect of your drumming.

Don Famularo: It's your move. Don ****in' Famularo!!! What a friggin genius. Totally solved most of my technique problems, taught me moeller, etc....This is a great book for technique and it also has a lot of great concepts for creativity on the drumset and stuff. Highly reccomended.

Jon Riley: The Art of Bop. They should have titled this book "How to Play Jazz", because that's what it is. And that's what I was looking for. Teaches you how to comp, solo, use brushes, play odd times, and much more. It works on more musicality than chops. I already consider myself a pretty good jazz drummer, but this book is pushing me up to the next level.

Tommy Igoe: Groove Essentials (book and playalong). The definitive playalong book. Has charts and songs and commentary on each one for many different kinds of music. Teaches you grooves for different styles (almost all of which I already know, but who cares, the playalong is the best part). Then you get to play along with a REAL band, not just some electric crap like turn it up and lay it down. I'm having so much fun with the book. And the hidden gem of this book is how much it helps your chart reading.

I'm really happy with all the books, which I knew I would be because I don't just buy things on a whim, I research them . But each of these books is helping me a lot with my playing, and I would reccomend all of them. Feel free to ask any question..

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