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Default Re: Billy Ward here!

Originally Posted by Fox622003 View Post
Hah hah hah say hi to Ozzy for me :P
I don't get it, this is *DRUMMER*world! why do these people keep confusing you with Bill Ward :P
Your drumming in "Voices in My Head" is superb. It's great to see you here man, keep up the great work.
By the way, I'm mostly a Rock and Funk drummer with a little Progressive in there, but I've always liked Jazz, could never get the pocket thing though, which is essential for that Jazz feel, do you have any tips for developing a feel for Jazz? I'm currently studying Ted Reed's Progressive Steps to Syncopation, but not sure how I can play it to deleop a better groove at jazz which is what I'm looking for. Well, hope you get what I'm trying to ask here!
Thanks in advance.

Sorry, my bad. BTW, are you saying Bill Ward isn't a drummer? Cos if you are I suggest you listen to some early Black Sabbath recordings...
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