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Default Skiers and Safety

Once again the subject of skiing with a helmet is a topic of the day. I first used a helmet back in the early nineties while my wife and I were teaching our three year old how to ski. You can't ask a three year old to wear something that mom and dad won't wear.

I found that the helmet is the most comfortable head covering that I have ever worn! Your head doesn't get to cold or warm. The helmet has adjustable vents. Your head doesn't get Hat Itch. Your ears stay covered. Goggles fit better. I couldn't find any cons to wearing one! I never skied again without one on my head. I even have speakers built into mine for my ipod. I love skiing to music!

About ten years ago I was skiing with the guys. Of course It became a speed contest. I caught an edge and I fell at full speed! My head hit a piece of crud on the trail. I suffered a minor concussion with the helmet on! There was a small crack in the back of the helmet! I don't have to wonder what would have happened if I wasn't wearing one!

If you currently are not skiing with a helmet I suggest that you try one on your next trip! You will never want to wear a hat again.
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