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Originally Posted by That Guy View Post
I must have missed the introduction in the beginning... sorry. It's really great buddy. You definately have something going here. You know, it reminds me of early 90's stuff like Black Sheep, A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul & Ghetto Boys. It's really good man!
Man, I definitely hear De La Soul. I really like that stuff, I love 90s rap, you can still hear offspring of that stuff today, like the Flobots that definitely transcend their steroetypes, I hate rappers talking about money ad girls and cars ect. There music is a little different but I still love it, other than Handlebars because it got so overplayed.

But yeah man I really like your stuff, all of it, I bet it would be cool to mix your drums and do some instrumental rap stuff, maybe get some guys to play, but I really dig this.
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