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they will be touring with queen sooon
That is a surprise! I did some research, and it's supposed to be "Kiss Alive III" Eric Singer will be on the drums.

And this:
New album (2008-present)

Late 2008 saw the band take another unexpected turn. Over ten years after their last studio album, and following years of denials about ever wanting to do a new album, Stanley and Simmons seemed to have changed their minds. In November 2008, Paul Stanley stated to rock photographer Ross Halfin that a new Kiss album is in the works, which Stanley would produce. Stanley also stated that the album would have a "real 70's Kiss sound" to it.[92] He also confirmed that Kiss would tour North America and Europe in 2009.[93] On November 26 2008, Gene Simmons confirmed the information about a new KISS album and said he expected it to be released in Summer 2009. [94] On November 29, Paul Stanley confirmed to the official Kiss website that the band will be entering the studio soon,[95] repeating the assertion that the new record will be modelled on the band's classic 1970s sound. [91]
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