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Originally Posted by jayp View Post
Thanks man! I appreciate, those doods are all some of my idols right there so its awesome to hear we have a sound that compaires :-)

It's true, I hear the influence. If you want me to go even further I hear Das EFX, The Pharcyde & Goodie Mob influence as well. I'm not blowing smoke up your rump when I said that "you have something going." You are onto something that has been missing in this genre for a long time.... appreciation for its history. I miss the days when rap and hiphop not only sounded original but spoke of issues that transcended its stereotypes. Listening to "Showtime" brought me back to a time when that music meant something and there were things to talk about. Keep going.. get personal, get deep. You and your friends obviously have the talent! Rip it dogg.
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