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Default Re: Billy Ward here!

Hah hah hah say hi to Ozzy for me :P
I don't get it, this is *DRUMMER*world! why do these people keep confusing you with Bill Ward :P
Your drumming in "Voices in My Head" is superb. It's great to see you here man, keep up the great work.
By the way, I'm mostly a Rock and Funk drummer with a little Progressive in there, but I've always liked Jazz, could never get the pocket thing though, which is essential for that Jazz feel, do you have any tips for developing a feel for Jazz? I'm currently studying Ted Reed's Progressive Steps to Syncopation, but not sure how I can play it to deleop a better groove at jazz which is what I'm looking for. Well, hope you get what I'm trying to ask here!
Thanks in advance.

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