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Default Re: I have an amazing idea

Originally Posted by 805Drummer View Post
Wow! That video was very cool and inspirational, thank you for sharing it. I went to their website,, and I discovered that it was to help fight AIDS in Africa. Now, I don't want to get political (this is purely philosophical, we learned it in English class from the book Ishmael), but think about this: If we continue to feed the people in Africa who aren't self-sufficient, we aren't helping them--we're hurting them. If they are fed, clothed, and cured, it only increases their proliferation. And what does that lead to? You guessed it--even more people to feed, cloth, and cure. It's a never-ending cycle. Think about it.
Seriously? I find that to be an extremely ignorant and ethnocentric thing to say. You didn't get remotely close to political, just plain ignorant. Think before you post stuff like that. You owe me at least $5 now for continuing to monitor your "Amazing Idea" thread as it spirals into poorly thought out xenophobic disrepair...